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Anzela Abbasi, daughter of actor Juvaria Abbasi, gets married in a glitzy ceremony.

The daughter of actor Juvaria Abbasi, Anzela Abbasi, has recently tied the knot in a lavish ceremony. The spectacular event was met with smiles.


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In a glitzy ceremony, actress Anzela Abbasi, daughter of legendary performer Juvaria Abbasi, began a new chapter of her life by marrying her fiancé, Tashfeen Ansari.

The beautiful wedding took place on Saturday and was attended by many close friends and family members. Pictures and videos of the ceremony, reception, and dancing have since gone viral.

The mother of the bride, Juvaria, turned to social media on Sunday to express her overwhelming happiness for her daughter and share some touching photos from the wedding. Anzela, the love of my life, got married yesterday, and she was radiant in her wedding dress. She wrote warmly, “I had great fun with beautiful people around me.”

The beautiful bride looked radiant in her all-white bridal dress, which was adorned with understated silver jewellery. Tashfeen, the gorgeous groom, mirrored his beloved’s taste in the colour palette, making a stunning pair.

Juvaria followed suit, dressing in a stunning green lehenga choli that complemented her family’s ensemble beautifully. During the shendi ceremony, the doting mother gave a touching performance dedicated to her daughter in the form of a mesmerising dance.

The path that brought Anzela to this moment was paved with activities and passions. This means the most to her. Anzela, the only child of Juvaria and her ex-husband Shamoon, began her career as a fashion model before making the shift to television dramas. Where she has captivated audiences with her acting abilities.

Anzela hopes to make it big in the music profession in addition to her acting career. Meanwhile, Tashfeen, her life partner, brings to the relationship his training as a counsellor for couples.

The marriage is a symbol of the couple’s commitment to each other. To build a life together that benefits from their shared experiences and distinct perspectives.

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