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Amir Khan is willing to seek therapy to stop contacting other women in response to allegations of infidelity.

While on vacation with Amir Khan wife, a former boxing champion sent explicit, suggestive messages to a bridal model.


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As he pursues reconciliation with his wife, Faryal Makhdoom, the former world champion boxer Amir Khan is willing to undergo therapy to address his sexting habit. Allegations of infidelity have in the past tarnished the couple’s marriage. After reading a story about Amir’s explicit communications with a model, Faryal confronted him. Amir has now apologized to his wife for his errors and the pain he has caused her, and he has stated that he is willing to seek professional assistance.

Amir Khan was asked by The Sun whether Faryal believes he requires professional assistance. This question has never been raised before. But perhaps I do need assistance to refrain from messaging other women. I am willing to seek therapy in order to cease texting women who are not my wife. I believe that, when it comes to mental health issues today, any assistance goes a long way. It is something I would absolutely do. “Things like that are helpful, so perhaps it’s something to consider,” he said.

Amir Khan was deceived once more.

Faryal’s confrontation with Amir was precipitated when she discovered his suggestive text messages to a bridal model named Sumaira. The messages, which began with compliments on Sumaira’s tattoos, soon became explicit. Faryal was furious over the conversation and questioned why Amir Khan would seek out the company of other women when he already had a “diamond” at home. Amir acknowledged that his actions were regrettable and that he had treated his wife with contempt.

“What I’ve done is regrettable. When my children are older and read this, it will disturb them. I don’t believe I was cheating; it was only a handful of communications. But I lament doing it. I have nothing but regrets for Faryal. People have been messaging her about it, asking, ‘Did you see this article?’ and thrusting it in her face. “It’s unfortunate!” he exclaimed.

With his days as a professional boxer behind him, he feels the need to pursue new avenues of fulfillment and is contemplating returning to training, participating in exhibitions, and investigating television opportunities. “The dumbest thing I ever did was comment ‘nice’ on this woman’s photo. I am respectful of my fiancée. I believe I do these things out of ennui, not because I can’t help myself. You become bored and begin to make errors,” Amir explained.

I will get myself into trouble if I am not careful, particularly with my wife. She will ultimately declare, “Enough is enough!” My wife is my monarch, and I have no desire to harm her. Currently, our marriage is thriving,” he added.

After an article exposed Amir and Sumaira’s amorous exchange, Sumaira reportedly asked Amir for £20,000, claiming to be experiencing a difficult time. She later threatened to reveal more of their TikTok messages. Amir defended himself against Sumaira’s accusations by claiming that women “often approach him seeking personal gain.”

Faryal breaks her seclusion and identifies as a ‘victim.

Faryal, a British-Pakistani socialite, posted a lengthy message on Instagram on Sunday. Addressing the infidelity controversy that has become a scandal for their marriage. Refusing to air dirty linen in public, she stated, “After a week of accusations, slander, and harassment, I’ve decided it’s time to address the current situation. I will not participate in the spectacle that others have created.”

Faryal declared that she is sick and weary of having her “private conversations dissected and torn apart” by an “alleged legal representative” of Sumaira as part of a “hate campaign.”

She stated, “I had nothing to do with the situation; I am the victim.” “I will maintain my position that I owe Sumaira nothing more than a civil conversation,” she said. Faryal continued, “Sumaira only decided to contact me directly after taking Amir’s number, sharing life stories and images all whilst under Amir’s clear instructions of not messaging him while I was around, as stated by Sumaira’s own ‘legal representative’ in her Instagram live, in which Amir had said to Sumaira, Don’t message me, I’ll message, my wife is here.'”

“Because I anticipated the outcome of this situation, I warned her not to take it to social media,” I explained that the situation would not only humiliate her but also my family, and that in the end, no one would come out on top. “Unfortunately, this is how the world works, and we must be realistic in our expectations when there are two individuals in the public eye,” the mother of three stated.

Faryal holds her spouse and the woman with whom he cheated on her accountable. ” Both Amir and Sumera are consenting adults who engage in communication. ” They did not consider or respect me when exchanging messages or forming a ‘bond’. This woman did not respect me as a woman or as Amir’s wife.

This is not the first time that Faryal has encountered Amir’s infidelity. Earlier in 2018, Faryal asserted that he no longer cheats on her because he is an “old man,” but he acknowledged that they have “been through hell.” However, it appears not!

Faryal stated in a Kardashian-style reality show that the only reason she remained with Amir was because she did not want to “give up” on the father of her children.

The couple wed in 2013, announced their separation in 2017, and later reconciled. Amir and Faryal have three children: Lamaisah, 8, Alayna, 4, and Muhammad, 2. Additionally, they have appeared in the BBC series Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton.

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