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Amid reports of Sana Javed and Shoaib Malik’s nuptials, Umair Jaswal posts a mysterious message.

Was there any reaction from the actor's ex-husband to her marriage?


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The shocking marriage announcement by Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and actor Sana Javed has been making the rounds on social media. An Instagram Story by Sana’s ex-husband, Umair Jaswal, has added an air of secrecy to the developing love story, which has caught the public’s attention.

The happy couple posted two beautiful photos from their small wedding ceremony to Instagram. Shoaib and Sana, who were both dressed in matching outfits, embraced one another as they posted images to Instagram with the captions “Alhamdulillah” and the verse “And we created you in pairs.” The happy couple’s announcement has sent their admirers into a social media frenzy, with reactions ranging from shock and delight to pure curiosity.

Umair, Sana’s ex-husband, shared an Instagram Story with a picture and the song “Who Says” by John Mayer, which abruptly ended the apparently idyllic moment. Though he didn’t say it directly, his feelings over the latest development seemed to come through in the post. His Instagram story seems to be highlighting the following lyrics:

So what if I want to get high?
Silence the phone and all lights.
Just the two of us in my home—no one can say I can’t blaze up.
Who says I can’t have my freedom?
In contrast to what I was before
Revise my past. Who says I am unable to live freely?

Umair may be going through a whirlwind of emotions in the wake of Sana’s hasty and unexpected marriage, and the lyrics’ suggestion of reflection and a search for personal freedom is a clue.

Fans are talking about the Instagram image and making assumptions about the celebrities’ private life, which is an interesting twist to the story. It is unclear whether Umair would clarify the significance of his mysterious post as the internet responds to it.

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