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Alia Bhatt reacts to being called a “nepo baby” and talks about how her career got off to an “easy start.”

Alia Bhatt spoke out about her experiences with nepotism in Bollywood and how it paved the way for her career.


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Numerous famous people have spoken out about the nepotism controversy in Bollywood over the course of its many years of existence. Priyanka Chopra recently spoke out on the ‘outsiders vs. star kids’ argument, saying that famous kids receive more chances to succeed in Bollywood. She claimed that she wasn’t a “nepo baby” and that this fact made her fearful of the poor reception her first six films received. Alia Bhatt is Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan’s daughter.

Alia Bhatt discusses being labeled a “nepo baby.”
When asked by Vogue India if she had any advice for getting ahead in the industry, Alia Bhatt replied, “The only thing I can do is build a body of work that hopefully proves I belong in this industry.” She continued by saying that she never forgets to give herself credit for the ‘easy start’ she had at the beginning of her career. Sure, it’ll get you in the door, but once you’re there, it’s up to you to make the most of the opportunity. The audience is the best judge of a performer’s abilities. Alia Bhatt has claimed that it is ultimately up to the audience to determine whether or not a performer deserves to be where they are, regardless of their background.

Priyanka Chopra previously admitted on Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard that she was concerned about the early failure of her films because she lacked a godfather in Bollywood. Because I’m not a nepo baby, I was horrified when those six films bombed. The kind of community that exists in abundance in Bollywood films was not there for me. “Just because your last film bombed doesn’t mean your uncle has to start working on another one for you,” she warned.

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