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Ainy Jaffri criticizes ageist remarks that I am comfortable with my aging and wrinkles.

I am alright with the fact that I am older and have wrinkles: Ainy Jaffri condemns an age-shaming remark.


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In a bizarre and unfortunate incident, the Pakistani actor Ainy Jaffri Rahman was subjected to preposterous trolling and age-shaming on social media. When Ainy posted a photograph from the Wimbledon semifinals to her Instagram account, she was met with a comment questioning the alterations to her appearance.

A user of Instagram took the initiative to inquire, “What have you done to your face? You were once so attractive.” The Balu Mahi star promptly responded with a dignified and self-assured response to the remark. She informed the user about the natural process of ageing, explaining that wrinkles and creases are part of the ageing process.

Ainy also emphasised her acceptance of these changes and clarified that she had not undertaken any cosmetic procedures other than microblading. In addition, she asserted her right to make decisions regarding her own visage, leaving open the possibility that she may pursue cosmetic procedures in the future if she so chooses.

The star responded, “It’s called ageing.” “I’m older; I have wrinkles and lines, and I’m fine with that. To answer all of your inquiries about what I’ve done to my face, nothing! I have never done anything other than microblade my eyebrows. However, if I sense the need to alter my appearance in the future, I will do so. My visage, my affairs However, since you are all so curious, as people age, their faces alter. What ridiculous queries.”

However, the Instagram user subsequently stated that they did not intend to troll or criticise Ainy’s appearance. The user clarified that they had not intended to bring up ageing or insult Ainy. They expressed regret for any offence caused by their comment.

“It was not intended as mischief. The image came as a surprise to me. Ainy Jaffri followed you on Dreamers previously. Your entire persona has changed in my eyes. Never discussed ageing or intended to provoke Chill. Also, I apologise for hurting you. The user of the photo-sharing application apologised profusely to Ainy. The actor gracefully accepted the user’s apology and expressed gratitude for their kind gesture. She managed the situation with maturity and poise despite the unfortunate occurrence. “We appreciate your contrition. That’s very kind of you,” Ainy responded.

The incident shed light on the increasingly prevalent problem of online trolling and age-shaming in the digital age. Social media platforms are frequently a breeding ground for anonymous users who target public figures with unjustified criticism.

This incident functions as a reminder of the significance of empathy and courtesy in online interactions, prompting individuals to pause before posting offensive remarks. Moreover, Ainy’s dignified response to the age-shaming incident demonstrates the need for compassion and understanding in online interactions.

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