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Adnan Sami is criticized for his Oscar-winning film “Naatu Naatu,” since he did not properly acknowledge South Indian cinema.

National pride is more important than regional pride and the Hindi version of the song "RRR" is more popular than the original.


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After SS Rajamouli’s RRR’s historic Oscar win for Naatu Naatu for Naatu Naatu, Indian artist Adnan Sami talked about languages and said that the achievement is India’s first and foremost and that South Indians should be proud of it. Some listeners voiced their displeasure with the singer’s statement, noting that she ignored the contributions of other languages in favor of the national one, Hindi.

In response to the many tweets that disagreed with Adnan Sami’s assessment of Naatu Naatu’s victory, he stated, “My concern has never been about the language. This has been a very basic problem for me. It doesn’t matter where a language originated or what dialect it speaks; they’re all classified as “Indian” languages first and everything else second. Okay, that’s it.

Adnan Sami went on to say that the fact that he has sung so many songs in regional languages should serve as proof that he treats them with the same level of respect as he does Hindi.

The musician posted a message of congratulations to the RRR team on their Oscar win last week. The music of India triumphs “again!” he exclaimed. For everyone in India, this is a moment of unparalleled pride.

Another person responded, “Nice, but the Telugu flag is flying higher.”

Sami struck out in a letter, saying, “This is the precise kind of attitude that ultimately led to the partition of 1947, of which the calamity echoes even today!”. While pride in one’s heritage and community is important. It should never supersede pride in one’s country, its unity, status, or flag. There are risks associated with this mindset. One person called out Adnan Sami, explaining that they were not making fun of North Indians. Rather than celebrating a song and film that were traditional to their culture. Then, why don’t North Indians study South Indian languages like Tamil and Telugu, whereas South Indians study Hindi? Put an end to talk of territorial barricades. Never once have we criticized the North with ourselves in mind. We’re really proud of ourselves!

If you don’t want your movies to be massive hits in India, don’t have them dubbed into Hindi. Adnan Sami firmly insisted that the documents be kept solely in their original language. You need to stop this nonsense and embrace the majority reality. Even though every language is important and deserving of all the love and respect in the world.

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