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Adnan calls Mission Majnu “distasteful” and “factually incorrupt.”

Siddiqui criticizes Bollywood's portrayal of Pakistanis.


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Adnan Siddiqui criticizes Bollywood’s portrayal of Pakistanis. Mission Majnu, starring Sidharth Malhotra, was mocked for stereotyping people from this side of the border.

Siddiqui took to Instagram to comment on the propaganda film, which was rightly criticized on Twitter. “How much misrepresentation is too much?” he asked his photo-sharing app followers. Bollywood knows.

The actor, who appeared in Mom with Sridevi and Sajal Ali, added, “With all your money, hire good researchers to study us.

” I’ll assist. Take notes—we don’t wear skull caps, surma, tawiz, ask Janab about their mijaz, or throw adaab.”

Adnan Siddiqui added, “Mission Majnu is disgusting and inaccurate. If the villain was equal, the hero’s savior complex would’ve been stronger. “Weak antagonists enhance weak protagonists.”

Finally, “poor plot, execution, and research Visit again. Good hosts. “Will demonstrate our appearance, attire, and lifestyle.”

Sidharth Malhotra previously addressed Pakistani stereotypes and India’s filmmaking ability in Pakistan. The actor told Film Companion, “My character perpetuates Pakistani stereotypes in Hindi films.” “We deliberately avoided targeting any community in our writing.” Shershaah, my latest film, is about India and Pakistan’s war, which was documented.

“Once you see the film, you’ll notice that we never really concentrated, barring maybe four scenes on the other side (Pakistan), it was purely about this side (India) and this man’s journey, captain Vikram Batra sacrificing his life,” he continues. Mission Majnu is the same conscious effort, and there is no personal animosity toward anyone. These are simply documented historical points for which we will never have complete facts, so you must establish potentially specific characters in x amount of time.”

The actor added about the trailer scenes: “The film’s trailer shots are satirical.” I think it will be fair once everyone sees the film because it’s never about a community or taking a dig, which detracts from the film. “The film never mentions religion or community.”

Bollywood films are increasingly anti-Pakistan. Bollywood has a history of misrepresenting Pakistan and its history. Alia Bhatt, his “Student of the Year” co-star, played a spy in Raazi. In 2021’s Bhuj: The Pride of India, starring Ajay Devgan, Madam Noor Jehan’s Zaalima Coca-Cola is ironically covered.

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