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Actress Alia Bhatt tries out the hammock inversion for the first time after giving birth, and she offers THIS piece of advice to “fellow mothers.”

Alia Bhatt, who recently gave birth, posted a photo of herself doing an aerial yoga inversion with the help of her trainer, Anshuka Parwani.


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In November of this year, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor became parents to their first child, a daughter. When they made the announcement that their daughter was going to be called Raha, they said that her amazing daadi, Neetu Kapoor, had come up with the name. Alia resumed working out a month after giving birth to her daughter, and the paparazzi have been known to follow her to her yoga classes. Alia posted a photo of herself performing an aerial yoga inversion to her Instagram account today, along with a comment about the importance of tuning in to your body after giving birth.

Actress Alia Bhatt tries to invert herself in a hammock.
Actress Alia Bhatt posted a photo of herself on Instagram in which she appears to be doing an inversion with ease. She is doing aerial yoga’s inversion posture while clad in all black and with her hands folded. Alia explained in her statement that she and her trainer, Anshuka Parwani, had been working on “gradually rebuilding” her connection to her core in the 1.5 months since Alia’s delivery. She urged expectant mothers to take it easy, pointing out that everyone’s physicality is unique. Listen to your body after giving birth, fellow moms. If anything feels wrong, don’t do it. “Take your time and enjoy what your body has done,” she urged her readers. “For the first week or two of my workouts, all I did was breathe, walk, and rediscover my equilibrium and balance again (and I still have a long way to go).

Furthermore, Alia referred to giving birth as a “miracle” and resolved to be more gentle with herself in the future. As the author puts it, “Childbirth is a marvel in every sense, and the least we can do is give your body the love and support it provided you during your pregnancy and birth.” Please consult your physician before beginning any form of physical activity, since everybody is different. To which Ishaan Khatter replied, “Mother Alia, you are even more amazing! Huge ups!” The comedian Sonu Sood remarked, “By mistake, you placed your photo upside down.”

Trainer Anshuka posts a video of Alia’s inversion practice.
Alia Bhatt’s yoga instructor, Anshuka, also posted a video of her student attempting the inversion with the aid of a hammock. She tweeted a picture of Alia performing her first hammock inversion since giving birth. The joy this provided me is something only @shaheenb (Shaheen Bhatt) could possibly understand. A Twitter user posed the question, “She had a c-section. After a month, she started yoga. Is it possible for every lady to do so?” Anushka responded, “4 weeks is a fairly gradual beginning. At six weeks after a C-section, you can start strengthening your core and working out harder, but remember that your body is unique.

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