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Activism sanctioned by the West: The Internet is furious because Malala did not “condemn Israel.”

Palestinian activists are under fire for not identifying those responsible for recent attacks.


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Malala Yousafzai recently uploaded a video on X in which she said that “collective punishment is not the answer.” Also, “half of Gaza’s population is under 18,” she said. They shouldn’t have to spend their whole lives in fear of bombings and an unfair occupation. Contributing “$300,000 to charities working to help Palestinian children and people in danger,” the advocate called on “the Israeli government to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza” while emphasizing “the call for a ceasefire.”

This resulted in numerous comments on the activist’s post. The user asks, “Why aren’t you condemning Israel openly?” on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. “You have donated more than your critiques earn in their whole lives; proud of you,” another person commented.

There were some encouraging comments, but the negative feedback was overwhelming. There’s a word for it, and Israel is responsible: genocide. One X user requested, “Could you please speak a little louder, ma’am?” Until now, I’ve always stood by her,” said another. I guess it’s strange that Malala can speak out against Ukraine but not Palestine. Insane [double standards]. From an American puppet perspective, what could possibly go wrong? Calling it genocide and identifying the perpetrators takes a matter of seconds.

A person pointed out, “I saw my Egyptian friends criticizing Mo Salah for quietly donating rather than raising his voice and calling out Israel because right now his voice matters more than money.” Similar circumstances seem to exist here. Instead of this, we need powerful people to pressure Israel to end the slaughter. According to another commenter, “I don’t think enough people get that if the very few internationally accepted Muslim activists or influential individuals make statements like this, it does more harm than good.” The morality of the situation is at stake. Say something if you think it will make a difference.

There was a persistent outpouring of disapproval. The phrases “this is so sad” and “who bombed the hospital” wouldn’t come out of my mouth. This is what we mean when we talk about “acceptable activism” in the West. A politically inactive activism that doesn’t stir up any controversy or challenge the status quo.”

In the midst of this, Malala posted on her Instagram Story, “I admire the bravery of young women who are showing the world what is happening in Gaza and speaking out for an end to violence.” It’s crucial that we give them a central role in our reporting and analysis of events on the ground.

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