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According to Aarya, this actress—not Sushmita Sen—was her top pick.

When casting for the highly renowned online series Aarya, Sushmita Sen was not the initial pick. Keep reading to find out who the approached actress was and why she declined.


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Raveena Tandon is eagerly anticipating the launch of her new online series, Karmaa Calling. She will play the part of a powerful and affluent woman in the Ruchi Narain-directed series. While preparing for the show’s premiere, the actress made a shocking confession: she turned down the popular online show Aarya, created by Ram Madhvani and starring Sushmita Sen. Find out why by reading on!

Raveena Tandon declined Aarya, a move that Sushmita Sen subsequently made.
Raveena Tandon, who has had a long and successful career and has given many outstanding performances, has said that she turned down the opportunity to star in the highly praised web series Aarya. For her digital debut, Aranyak, the actress felt the need to accomplish something her fans had never seen her do before.

“While these were really exciting scripts, somewhere I wanted to do something that the audience has never had a chance to see me as before,” the actress said in an interview with Hindustan Times. That is why I made Aranyak my first digital project. In my case, it was quite effective. There were so many honors that year. It was a wise bet.

The actress continued by saying she was a “greedy actor” who wanted to star in every film that came her way until she achieved the same level of success as Aarya. During that time, she met Ram and Nikhil (Madhok) on Hotstar, and she even said that she would want to collaborate with Ram. “‘Something (together) is required of us.'” I can’t wait to start collaborating with Ram. I had to break it to him that Aarya was just not my thing. “Then he grasped the rationale behind it,” she continued.

The actress mentioned that she is collaborating with her after two unsuccessful efforts in the interview, which was about her upcoming production, Karmma Calling. She reflected on her inability to host Ruchi’s final show, Hundred, on Disney+ Hotstar, which Lara Dutta would go on to host. For as long as anyone could remember, Raveena insisted that her digital debut have an entirely new avatar.

Beginning on January 26th, viewers may watch Karmaa Calling, starring Raveena Tandon, on Disney+.

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