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A joyful person is continually making people smile. Kapil Sharma thinks that Saba Qamar is really smart.

There is no such thing as a truly happy person who doesn't spread their joy to everyone around Respectfully, Kapil Sharma acknowledges Saba Qamar's sage advice.


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Celebrity comedian Kapil Sharma is well-known in India and the United States for his talk program. The Kapil Sharma program, taped in front of a live audience, recently used Instagram Story to gush over Pakistani star Saba Qamar for her “profound observation” about human psychology. The popular performer showed her respect for Cheekh’s intelligence by posting a clip from one of her recent interviews online.

During her participation on Imran Ashraf’s show Mazaq Raat, the Kamli diva said, “Khush insaan hamesha dosroon ko khushi deta hai,” which means, “A happy person always spreads happiness around them. Someone who is joyful is able to spread that joy to those around them. When one person is sad, everyone around them feels it. Kapil was so moved by this statement that he reposted it for his 45 million Instagram followers to read.

Among the many memorable aspects of this interview was the Maat actress’s public declaration of her love for someone special. Saba’s comments mirrored her demeanor, as she frequently dropped nuggets of wisdom into conversations and shared personal anecdotes.

As both have worked on Bollywood productions, the standup comedian and Saba Qamar could be considered contemporaries. The star of Baaghi, who made her acting debut in Hindi Medium opposite the late great Irrfan Khan, is no stranger to Bollywood. Due to the increased political animosity between India and Pakistan since the film’s release in 2017, the Cheekh actor has been unable to return to Bollywood for any new roles and was also unable to reprise her role in the sequel, Angrezi Medium.

The Manto performer is optimistic that her talents will be recognized across the border in Indian productions and films, even though political antagonism between the two countries shows no signs of abating. Saba has remarked, “God willing, I will work in Bollywood. She is optimistic about the possibility of returning to the Bollywood film industry.

It’s also possible that the Ghabrana Nahi Hai actor would make a cameo appearance in an Indian drama series before she makes her comeback in mainstream Bollywood, given the proliferation of over-the-top (OTT) platforms and the growing popularity of streaming content.

In 2018, Saba co-starred in a play on Zee5, an Indian subscription and video-on-demand streaming service owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises, opposite fellow Pakistani actor Nauman Ijaz. In the drama series Mrs. & Mr. Shameem, Pakistani on-screen and behind-the-scenes talent worked closely with Indian entertainment entrepreneurs.

A number of other Pakistani plays, including the well-known (and often controversial) women-centered serial Churails, the widely-beloved Ek Jhoothi Love Story, and the heartbreaking melodrama Dhoop Ki Deewar, were also released around the same time as Mrs. & Mr.

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