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A biopic of Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik is in the works.

An interview with actress Sania hinted at the possibility of a biopic about the Couple.


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Speaking on the subject of biopics, which are now popular in the film industry, the world-class tennis player stated that the pair has been contacted to feature in one about their life as well.

The team has spoken with a number of individuals. Because of Covid, all procedures are a bit slower than usual, but they are obviously underway.”

The Mirza-Malik Show is a new talk program hosted by the athletic pair, who just launched their own show. The famous husband-and-wife will host a series of pop culture giants from both India and Pakistan, according to reports. The show is expected to air on Urduflix, Pakistan’s first OTT platform.

The fact that Sania has a number of close Bollywood acquaintances and that Shoaib has connections in the Pakistani entertainment industry ensures that they are both equally relevant in the realm of glamour and glamor.

When asked about the possibility of them collaborating on a film, the tennis star rejected the idea almost quickly, but then blurted out the innovative phrase “never say never.” “I can’t speak for Shoaib, but I don’t believe I’m cut out to be an actress,” she said. I’m self-conscious in front of the camera. Because I believe it requires a great deal of guts, I do not believe I will have much success in the performing business. We often say, “Never say never, however,” because you never know what may happen.”

Both Shoaib and Sania recently returned from a vacation to Pakistan, where they celebrated the introduction of their respective customised perfumes, All Rounder and Smasher.

The two have also turned to social media to promote the introduction of their NFT collection, which will be available shortly. When asked whether they would consider extending their commercial operations, Mirza answered affirmatively, stating that they would be open to any and all possibilities in the future.

“Ab kuch toh karna parega,” she said, referring to her upcoming retirement in the next year. (We have to take action right now.) Our conversation program will begin filming in the near future. We had a lot of fun with the experiment, even if it was for a perfume launch. Shoaib and I like doing activities that are distinct from one another, so yeah, maybe.”

Mirza’s camera shyness was questioned by the journal, who cited her comfortable screen presence and fast comedic comebacks on TV programs and interviews as examples. She also has a large number of TikTok videos on social media.

To this the 35-year-old tennis champion responded by saying, “My sense of humour is always on target.” There isn’t any doubt in my mind about that. When I mentioned I was timid in front of the camera, I was referring to the acting aspect. “I’m not sure I’ll be able to act.”

“Kapil and I go back a long way,” Mirza said, referring to her brief appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show in January. Because we’re such wonderful friends, we’ve created a welcoming environment for ourselves as well. As a result, whenever I appear on his program, he requests that I refrain from roasting him excessively. “On the programs, it’s all fun and games.”

Similarly to his wife, Malik is well-known for having a wicked sense of humour. Mirza claimed that they don’t fight all that frequently when asked how they get through conflicts and confrontations with their comedic demeanor and approach.

Our chemistry at home is really good despite the fact that we both come from hectic and emotionally driven occupations. We have a good time joking about and laughing at ourselves. At home, we need to take it easy a little bit. Our sense of humour, on the other hand, gets put aside when we are involved in serious disagreements.”

Mirza claimed that everyone, including Shoaib, was taken aback by Shoaib’s reaction to her wife’s retirement. Despite the fact that it was not an impulsive choice, she did not inform her family and close friends that she was going to make the decision official.

I was astonished by his reaction, but we have always been one other’s strongest advocates in our own professional domains. As people and athletes, we are aware of how our bodies behave and what we should anticipate from them. ‘Whatever choice you choose, I’ll be there to support you,’ he said.

The pair has previously said that their love story started in Hobart, Australia, in 2009, with Mirza describing it as “an act of destiny” given the city’s near-dead social scene at the time. Shoaib’s pursue strategy for the girl, on the other hand, was shown to be the underlying reason for the incident.

The cricketer said that when the two first met in 2003, Sania wasn’t really friendly and didn’t seem to be particularly interested in him at all. In reaction to Shoaib’s remarks, the tennis player said, “We are all aware of the negative reputation that cricketers have had in the past. Of course, I had to exercise caution.” “Yet you’ve made the decision to marry one after all,” Shoaib said with a grin. The pair has established a residence in Dubai, which serves as a meeting place for both of them in terms of travel and other activities.

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