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123 PTI MNAs have resigned, and Qasim Suri has accepted their resignations.


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On Thursday, National Assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri accepted the resignations of 123 PTI National Assembly members.

Qasim Suri, the interim speaker of the National Legislature, tweeted that he had received the resignations and had accepted them in accordance with the norms and regulations of the assembly.

Secretary NA, on the other hand, has sent out a notice that the resignations have been accepted.

On April 11, Qasim Suri issued an order stating that he has received resignations from 125 PTI MNAs. Only Prince Muhammad Nawaz Allai, NA-12 and Jawwad Hussain, NA-47’s resignations, which he found to be genuine and freely resigned, were the exceptions.

Because to the National Assembly’s 2007 rules, “I accept these 123 resignations,” he said. “I thus order the notification of the same in the Gazette.”

Pakistan’s National Assembly dissolved on April 11 after former Prime Minister Imran Khan and PTI MPs resigned.

On April 11, at the party’s parliamentary meeting chaired by Imran Khan, the decision to resign from the assembly was made. Public protest against the oncoming federal government was the party’s main emphasis at this time.

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