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With her Best Actress award, Mehwish Hayat is raising awareness about the “vicious cycle of violence” in Gaza.

The global plea for an "immediate ceasefire" was echoed by Star.


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At the recent International Pakistan Prestige Awards (IPPA), famous Pakistani starlet Mehwish Hayat added another feather to her cap by winning Best Actress for her outstanding performance in the film London Nahi Jaunga. The event, notable for its stellar cast and captivating performances, gave the gifted actress some much-needed limelight.

Mehwish, who is well-liked for her acting abilities and for her support of important social causes, gave an emotional and inspiring acceptance speech that touched the hearts of her many admirers and the entire audience. She took to Instagram to express her thanks and share her thoughts on a topic near and dear to her by posting a video of herself accepting the award and speaking to the crowd.

Mehwish decided to use her video to draw attention to the suffering in Gaza. “It’s hard to feel joy when you see all that is happening in Gaza,” said the celebrity. “Silence is as deadly as speech,” Martin Luther King Jr. said. I’ve been warned that it’s not wise to publicly discuss such sensitive topics in your country. The celebrity, who was in attendance at the Manchester event, shared her heartbreak over the tragic loss of children with the audience. Children’s lives are not expendable. “No child’s life should be considered collateral damage,” the celebrity continued. She pleaded for an “immediate ceasefire” and an end to the “vicious cycle of violence.”

Mehwish said, “Last night in Manchester, where I received the best actress award for my role in London Nahi Jaunga,” with the video she posted to Instagram. Her post on social media was a passionate plea for world peace and compassion rather than a simple acknowledgment of her own success.

The message went on to say, “I have always tried to use my platform to highlight important issues, and this one is close to my heart.” This remark reflects her dedication to using her platform to raise awareness about pressing social issues. She has been a supporter of several causes over the years.

When the performer began discussing her hopes for a better society, the tone of her voice changed dramatically. “I truly believe that if we open our hearts and see the humanity in each other, peace really becomes possible,” according to her. Her message of hope for a world at peace through mutual appreciation, compassion, and the acceptance of our common humanity struck a chord with the listeners.

With these words, “I pray for compassion to defeat hatred and for courage to overcome fear,” Mehwish issued a powerful call to action. If we use our voices to make a just world where love, peace, and humanity rule, it is within our grasp. Her remarks serve as a reminder that even in a society rife with strife and division, any person, and especially those with a public voice, can be a force for good and unity.

Mehwish does not only wallow in self-congratulatory adulation while she enjoys the fruits of her labors and justly earns fame. She chooses to utilize her platform to advocate for a more empathetic, peaceful, and humane global community. Her public service and musical prowess confirm her reputation as a legendary performer with a cause.

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