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We appreciate your trust. For her tenth wedding anniversary, Shaniera Akram sent a touching letter.

Thank you for believing in us: Shaniera Akram pens heartfelt note on 10th wedding anniversary


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On their tenth wedding anniversary, Shaniera Akram, wife of former Pakistani cricket icon Wasim Akram, posted a heartfelt Instagram story expressing her appreciation and joy. The couple’s anniversary party has sparked a flood of well-wishes and congratulations from admirers all around the world who have been moved by their inspiring love story.

A candid photo of the couple complemented the thankful and reflective tone of the Instagram Story. Shaniera’s heartfelt acknowledgment of the unflinching love and support the couple has received during their journey together struck a chord with their fans and admirers.

“Thank you to all those out there that have continued to support our relationship. And watched it grow throughout the years,” Shaniera wrote in her heartfelt post. We truly value the support and encouragement you have given us. We appreciate your trust. Remember us when this happens! “10 years married,” “milestone anniversary,” and “love conquers all” that accompanied the touching post. With the comment, “10 years married, and I love you more than ever,” Shaniera posted the same photo to Instagram. Stay true to yourself. It was the best decision I ever made.

The romance between Shaniera and Wasim has been like something out of a storybook. They unexpectedly crossed each other’s paths, across national boundaries and cultural divides. Love knows no borders; Shaniera, a social worker from Australia, and Wasim, a cricketing hero from Pakistan, proved this when they fell in love despite their vast cultural differences.

In 2011, at a friend’s barbeque in Melbourne, Wasim and Shaniera met for the first time. Wasim, a cricketing legend in Pakistan, told the story of how Shaniera didn’t realize his fame at first. Which was both surprising and hilarious. At a friend’s BBQ in Melbourne, I first met her. She had no idea who I was. At some point, I let her know that I was somewhat of a celebrity in Pakistan,” he said on Time Out with Ahsan Khan a year ago.

Shaniera’s decision to wed a man of a different race and ethnicity was profound. “You don’t marry someone from overseas, from a different culture, background, and generation, unless it’s something magnificent, right?” she asked. Due to their distance apart, they had to rely on the phone for their communication, which helped them become good friends first.

Shaniera has come to think of Pakistan as her home. As of right now, Pakistan represents the epicenter of my world. The location is fantastic. The most formative years of my life have been spent here,” she had added on the chat show. This year also marked the couple’s first acting credits together, as they appeared in Money Back Guarantee.

They married in Lahore in 2013, and Shaniera and Wasim now have a daughter together, in addition to Wasim’s two sons from a previous marriage.

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