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USB-C Port to Charge Gaming & Notebook Laptops


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According to the USB Implementers Forum, they are officially moving the power specifications of USB-C from 100 Watts to 200 Watts. This allows users to let go of power bricks and move to smaller cables in order to charge heavy devices.

This is due to the fact that many laptops require more than 100 Watts of charge in order to run smoothly. Power ratings may range from 130 to 140 Watts.

With the new 240 power rating that the USB-IF has termed as ‘extended power range’ users will be able to charge high-end gaming laptops such as Alienware or the latest Omen series and so on.

In order to take advantage of the EPR users will have to get the proper support USB-C chargers and cables for it. However, according to the Forum, the EPR cables shall have proper marking to identify it was a USB-C EPR cable.

As of this moment, manufacturers will spend almost a year to get these cables on the market and more importantly compatible with laptops and chargers.

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