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Their first child is a boy. Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram are very happy.

A famous pair gave their baby a name. Yousef Hasan Ikram


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Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram, a famous pair, have had their first child, a son. The happy news comes just a few days after Aiman Khan, Minal’s twin sister, had her own baby.

On a sunny Wednesday morning, Jalan star Minal Khan posted this good news on her social media pages. The happy news was shared on Instagram with a cute picture of a card that said, “It’s a boy.” Along with the happy message, they shared the sweet news that their son, Muhammad Hasan Ikram, was born on November 1 at 10:48 AM.

Khan wrote in her post, “Alhamdulillah! Please pray for us!” Minal and Ahsan were so happy when they brought their beloved son into the world. The love and thanks showed it.

Khan and Ikram’s baby boy quickly won over the hearts of their fans and people in the showbiz business. There were thousands of happy comments on their news post, congratulating the couple and sending their best wishes to the new parents.

Khan and Ikram’s path to becoming parents is a beautiful story of love, loyalty, and the strength of family. In September 2021, they got married in a big, fancy celebration. It was the start of their new life together as husband and wife. Their love story has touched many people, and the birth of their first child has made their lives even happier.

The couple had already told everyone in August of that year that they were going to have their first child. Fans, friends, and other celebrities were thrilled and sent their best wishes.

As Khan and Ikram start their new life as parents, everyone is looking forward to seeing clips of their cute son and the special moments that will surely fill their days.

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