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The ICC World Cup anthem, “Dil Jashn Bole,” is based on a traditional structure for Pakistani cricket anthems.

The song's three minutes are packed with rhythm, intensity, and a show for any and all lovers of Ranveer, Pritam, or cricket.


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Bollywood heartthrob Ranveer Singh and renowned Indian composer Pritam Chakraborty are featured in the official hymn for the ICC World Cup 2023, which has just been released.

This 3-minute smash hit, titled Dil Jashn Bole, is sure to please fans of Ranveer, Pritam, and cricket. Ranveer starts the song video by asking a kid if he is a “fan” or not. Youngster: “What does it take to be a fan?” establishes the mood for the song and demonstrates the validity of the claim that “one day” is all it takes.

Similar to Ali Zafar’s Khel Jamay Ga and Abdullah Siddiqui and Meesha Shafi’s Khel Dil Mein Hai, the song’s hook features a baja-like clink, making it a very Pakistani cricket anthem. It has a rap section and a loud, danceable beat that can make anyone feel better.

The lyrics by Shloke Lal and Saaveri Verma capture the excitement and tension of the game perfectly. The loud, resonant sound created by the prominent instruments is just what’s needed for a tense cricket match.

Dil Jashn Bole, in contrast to past World Cup anthems, is notably more upbeat and energetic, despite the fact that its hectic pace may put off some listeners. And Ranveer is the ideal actor to capture that vitality on film.

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