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Sushmita Sen has had a heart attack and shared an update on her condition.

Sushmita Sen uploaded a photo of herself and her dad to Instagram on Thursday night. She revealed the news of her heart attack to her followers on social media.


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Actress Sushmita Sen, soon to be featured in Aarya 3, has opened up about a recent heart attack. Sushmita posted a photo of herself with her dad on Thursday night. Sushmita included a note with the picture in which she described the attack. She also shared the news that she had an angioplasty with her followers. The actress said in her post that she felt it was important to share the news with her “well-wishers and loved ones” to let them know she was doing OK.

Poor Sushmita Sen has had a heart attack.
The photo shows Sushmita Sen affectionately embracing her dad. She’s dressed in a shimmering golden net saree. Both the dad and the kid are beaming with happiness. Sushmita Sen captioned the photo, “When you need it most, your heart will be there if you keep it happy and courageous, Shona.” (Wise words by my father.) Some days ago, I had a heart attack. Perform angioplasty… stent inserted… my cardiologist said, “You definitely have a huge heart,” and that’s the most essential thing. There are many people to acknowledge for their helpfulness and positive contributions at the right moments, and I will do so in a subsequent entry. This update is only to let my friends and family know the excellent news, to the effect that everything is fine and I’m raring to go again. I adore you inconceivably! There is no higher power than God.” Just have a look:

In no time at all after Sushmita Sen posted, anxious followers were seen sending well-wishes for her rapid recovery. In the words of one of the fans: “Sending you lots of positive energy and affection. Inspiring, continue to shine.” Some other supporters remarked, “I felt chills and tears. Please see for yourself. People all throughout the world love and respect you.” According to another supporter, “A positive outlook is something I wish for you. Loving Warrior, you need to maintain a joyful and strong heart.”

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When Season 3 of Aarya premieres, Sushmita Sen will finally make an appearance. The first two episodes established the series as a success, and viewers enjoyed her presence. The release of the third season has them anticipating it with great eagerness.

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