Sooryavanshi-Theatre row: Exhibitors ask for pre-Covid revenue sharing; flexibility in shortening of OTT window


makers of Sooryavanshi, which is scheduled to release on April 2, have asked for 70% revenue share from the multiplexes. As per the pre-Covid era arrangement, the producers used to get 50% share.

Also, they have asked for shortening of OTT window from 8 weeks to 4 weeks. The exhibition sector, however, hasn’t agreed to these conditions yet. The revenue sharing model, according to them, is not financially feasible for the theatres. Also, many theatre owners fear that if films arrive on digital in just 4 weeks, it can reduce footfalls.

But with Tamil blockbuster Master (2021) arriving on Amazon Prime in 16 days, a precedent has already been set.

Then there’s also the issue of virtual print fee (VPF). It is an amount, usually Rs. 20,000 per screen, which is charged by multiplexes, and by a third party in case of single screens, to the producers for upgrading their projection system for a better cinematic experience.

Many producers believe that charging VPF is no longer necessary as the theatres have recovered the cost. Also, the fact that it’s charged from only the Indian films and not from Hollywood flicks has been a bone of contention between them for a long time. The makers, thus, want exemption from VPF.