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Shamoon Abbasi criticizes the ‘immodest, shameless people’ in his life.

The 'immodest, shameless people' in Shamoon Abbasi's life are called out. He did not hold back his honest opinions.


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In a recent cryptic social media post, acclaimed actor and filmmaker Shamoon Abbasi sparked much suspicion by declaring his wish to “distance himself” from people he finds “immodest and shameless.”
Shamoon apparently wrote a now-deleted Facebook post in which he expressed some strong feelings about his decision to cut ties with some people. It all started with, “A small reminder about my decisions to detach from shameless people,” he wrote.

He continued, “I never wanted to be associated with or known to have anything to do with impudent and immodest, shameless people in my life, and I never will. I don’t care how close we are; I’d rather not spend time with them. Recently involved in an accident, the actor also expressed gratitude to God for “blessings in disguises.”

God, you are awesome for masking your gifts to me in disguise. You can avoid emotional trauma even if you sustain some physical trauma. Praise the Lord! Shamoon, take that down. The entertainment industry has been abuzz with speculation and raised eyebrows over the possible people and situations to whom Shamoon is hinting with his oblique shot at them with choice words.

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