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Shahid Afridi says the name of the film released in 2013 should have been “Main Hoon Humayun Saeed.”


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Former Pakistan cricket captain and international superstar Shahid Afridi was a guest on the latest episode of Vasay Chaudhry’s live audience conversation show Gup Shab, and he didn’t hold back.

In the course of the episode’s 34 minutes, the famous cricketer discussed his feelings about the fictional Pakistani film Main Shahid Afridi Hoon, starring Humayun Saeed. In the course of their conversation, Afridi revealed that he had been interested in viewing Punjabi dramas thanks to his friend Abdul Razzaq. When the host pressed further, he admitted sheepishly that he had written the script for Main Shahid Afridi Hoon.

Did you write that movie? Oh. In reaction to Vasay’s admission and to the applause of the crowd, Afridi quipped, “Its title should have been ‘Main Hoon Humayun Saeed.'”

“Humayun told me, ‘Lala, we’re doing this film,’ and I agreed to let him use my name in the project. Surely you’ve watched the movie Munna Bhai MBBS. I told him, “If it’s a film like that, then why not?” because the film sent some truly inspiring themes to its audience. That film will feature a cameo from myself. With the caveat that the film’s message must be positive, Afridi gave Humayun his blessing to use his name in the title, knowing full well that it would draw in enormous crowds.

As soon as I sat down to view the movie, I informed Humayun that he had chosen the incorrect title. Why Lala? he questioned. What happened? And I told him the movie should have been called “Main Hoon Humayun Saeed,” since you pop up in every scene. The film didn’t have a positive message, Afridi joked.

Afridi also expressed his desire for a biopic to be made on his life and experiences in the same episode, saying, “It is my desire that a film be made on my life and the experiences that I’ve gone through.”

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