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Shahid Afridi foiled her amorous plans with Shaheen Shah Afridi, Ansha’s devoted fanbase.

The ex-cricketer tweeted a photo of themselves in front of a "Happy birthday, babe" banner.


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Shaheen Shah Afridi, a two-time PSL champion, turns 23 today. Former cricketer and father-in-law Shahid Afridi uploaded a photo to wish his son-in-law a happy birthday. It shows the ace player having a great time with his family at home. Judging by the décor, however, several users are under the impression that Shahid Afridi interrupted Ansha Afridi’s surprise birthday party for her spouse.

Shahid Afridi tweeted his best wishes to Shaheen just after midnight on April 6. It’s your birthday, Shaheen! Stay joyful,” he tweeted alongside two photos of himself feeding the bowler a birthday cake and posing with him.

Both Shahid Afridi and Shaheen Shah Afridi were dressed in matching shalwar kameez as they stood on a rooftop with birthday balloons and lights reading, “Happy birthday, babe!”

Several people’s attention was drawn to the “babe” on social media. It’s quite a queen of Ansha to throw her man a birthday party and make sure everyone knows he’s her man. see a tweet read.

“Furthermore, her dad shouldn’t have barged in on their romantic dinner and posted images online. “Sister, I understand,” the user continued.
Someone else may have thought, “Oh my God, did he just third-wheel himself into a celebration that was plainly meant to be private?”
Supporters are happy about Shaheen Shah Afridi and Ansha Shahid Afridi both families getting married, no matter how big or small the event was. Despite being an “avid Shaheen supporter” and “diehard Lala fan,” the user felt the same way about the multiverse when hearing about it for the first time.

Ansha and Shaheen Shah Afridi got married in a little Nikah ceremony in Karachi back in February. The couple’s Nikkah date was also disclosed in an online e-invite that showed them dressed in white and yellow.

Last year, Shahid Afridi responded to media speculations regarding the engagement of his daughter to the fast bowler by tweeting, “Shaheen’s family asked my family for my daughter. The families of both parties have been in touch, and “if Allah wills, this match will be made too.” He wished Shaheen “continued success on and off the pitch” before signing off his tweet.

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