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Shae Gill song “One Love” features Turkish artist Evdeki Saat, and the two have made it onto Coke Studio Global.

One Love is the debut collaborative effort from Coke Studio Global Season 2's rising sensations Shae Gill and Evdeki Saat


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One Love is the debut collaborative effort from Coke Studio Global Season 2’s rising sensations Shae Gill and Evdeki Saat. The pair were among the more than 19 global breakthrough artists brought together to create musical collisions.

Evdeki Saat of Turkey is one of the most buzzed-about names in alternative music right now. His breakthrough album, 2020’s Uzunlar V1, has been streamed more than 120 million times on Spotify. While 24-year-old Shae Gill is best known for her international smash track Pasoori, she recently gained attention for posting bedroom Instagram covers of popular songs. The Coke Studio 14 track has broken all previous records for Spotify streams of Pakistani music. It’s been viewed about 600 million times on YouTube as of this writing.

According to a press release, Gill said, “The inspiration for the track was based around the themes of romance, new love, and the open expression of love.” Working with him was a delight because he is both talented and generous. Plus, I thought we had a lot in common musically, which made working together really thrilling.

Those who heard Saat say, “I think it’s always exciting to be involved in Coke Studio as a musician,” agreed. Just the idea of the endeavor is thrilling. I always hoped to one day be a part of global musical cooperation. I’m always up for exploring new musical traditions. Shae Gill is not just a talented musician and charismatic performer but also a wonderful ambassador for her people. I liked how difficult it was to make choices while creating the music.

According to the press release, in June and July, nine brand new multi-artist collision songs, including One Love, and unique COKE STUDIOTM sessions from each artist will be made available to global music fans on all music platforms.

Click here to hear “One Love.”

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