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Preity Zinta has been “shaken” by her ordeals: No one is allowed to prey on my kids.

The actor pleaded with the public to respect her in the first place as a person and then thereafter as a star.


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The actress Preity Zinta had a terrible week, with several events leading to violations of her privacy on two separate occasions. A man in a wheelchair frequently requested money and became hostile when he was given some but not enough. She described how a stranger “scooped and kissed” her daughter Gia in a garden, among other terrifying incidents.

On Saturday, Preity Zinta wrote about what had happened on Instagram. Two things happened this week that really shook me up. One that involves my daughter Gia and an attempted photobomb by a stranger. Despite our requests, the woman “snatched up my daughter, planted a big wet kiss next to her mouth, and ran off saying, What a cute baby,'” the mother wrote.

The performer said that she didn’t make a scene because she kept her cool. My children were playing in the garden when I noticed a woman who lives in the building next door. I would have lost my temper if I weren’t a famous person. I didn’t want to cause a commotion, so I kept my calm.

Preity Zinta respectfully declined the wheelchair user’s request for donations, explaining that she had to rush to catch a flight. The man followed the car as it tried to leave the location, pounded on the door, and yelled at the occupants.

She talked about the same subject and said that she knew the person. She had helped him on her own for many years. Here you may view the second incident that occurred. This crippled man kept attempting to slow me down as I hurried to make my flight. He has been relentless in his pursuit of financial support from me, and I have now given in. When he requested money again, I had to tell him, “Sorry, today I have no cash, just a credit card.” Because that wasn’t sufficient, he flung it back at her and became hostile. “He followed us for a while and became increasingly hostile,” she wrote.

The situation itself didn’t bother Preity Zinta as much as the fact that no one helped her and her daughter. The photographers thought it was really humorous when it happened. They took videos and laughed at us instead of helping us. No one warned him not to follow the car or bother us, despite the fact that he could have seriously injured someone. If something had gone wrong, all eyes would have been on me. There would have been doubts about my fame.

I think it’s about time that the public recognizes me as a human being, a mother, and a star, in that order. “I’ve worked very hard to get where I am. And I don’t feel the need to apologize for it or endure bullying because of it,” she declared. “Just like everyone else in this nation, I have the freedom to choose how I spend my time. So, before passing judgment, consider the facts, and stop placing the blame on famous people. There are always other perspectives to consider.

Preity Zinta stressed that her children are not a “package deal”. Please do not come near my children for the purpose of taking pictures or grabbing them; they are not a commodity to be exploited. “They are babies and should be treated as babies, not celebrities,” she emphasized. The actor also asked photographers to help in the future, rather than just document the scenario, and respond with “grace, humanity, and maturity.”

Preity Zinta, her husband, Gene Goodenough, and their two daughters, Gia and Jai, currently reside in Los Angeles.

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