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People don’t seem nice around me, and I don’t think they do either. Iqra Aziz

The actor and his husband, Yasir Hussain, recently appeared on a talk show where they had an open discussion.


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Pakistani actress and model Iqra Aziz opened up about her career in acting, a recent incident involving her clothing line, and her future projects during her appearance on The Pick & Drop Show. The Mannat Murad actor warmly recalled the last time Yasir had her on his chat show during an emotional encounter with presenter, actor, and spouse Yasir Hussain.

Iqra made a comment about her husband interviewing her twice before they were married, saying, “It’s so weird; we did this last before our marriage… on the After Moon Show with Yasir Hussain.” To think that this is happening now, following our marriage, seems surreal.

To begin, Yasir wanted to know if any one actor had an impact on Iqra’s path to becoming an actress, given her large fan base that always praises her work. “No, I’m sorry… It wasn’t until I started performing that Iqra admitted she had never watched a drama. The actress from Jhooti went into detail about her lack of knowledge about Pakistani television and how the 2011 drama series Humsafar was her first big break.

“Then I went home and started watching Humsafar on YouTube,” Iqra continued confidently. In other words, I had never watched a Pakistani show before that. Iqra, who is now a major player on television, has stated that acting allows her to express herself.

“Speech is a passion of mine. “Maybe I became so comfortable with the camera on that trip that whenever it’s in my face, I transform into someone else,” she continued.

The actor from Suno Chanda also discussed a recent clothing scandal openly in the conversation. Actress Saboor Aly’s actual wedding served as inspiration for the actor’s alleged bridal ensemble in her most recent TV series, Mannat Murad.

Reportedly creating a “blatant copy” of her “special day,” Saboor slammed Iqra and the drama’s creators on her Instagram Story after the wedding episode aired. “It was our director’s wish, and it fit the context that Mannat was wearing her mother’s lehenga as per her brother’s request,” Iqra said, explaining the contentious occurrence.

Despite our best efforts, the majority of designers nowadays are releasing quite contemporary collections. It is a well-known fact that actors exploit designers’ barter in their projects, Iqra continued. “So, my director gave me this reference that describes a possible style we can use.”

The performer told her about her encounter with Faiza Saqlain, the designer of Saboor’s wedding gown. According to Iqra, Faiza is one of his closest friends. I approached her and inquired about her dress. I asked her if I might borrow her dress for the assignment. Recognizing the “old school feel” of Faiza’s design, the famous person went on to praise the dress’s attractiveness and its flattering fit on Mannat Murad.

Iqra revealed that she wanted to change the shirt but had the designer keep the dupatta and gharara because they were essential components of the outfit. She admitted that she did not want to repeat the appearance. “Jewellery that complements that style is what I chose. I created the entire appearance by myself. And to be honest, I didn’t exactly mimic her.

“I don’t mind saying on the record that I was very inspired by her look,” she continued, to set the record straight. Simply put, I thought she looked stunning. I aspired to be her. As an actor, I always thought Mannat should have this appearance.

According to the Raqeeb Se actor, she felt no need to get official permission to wear the dress because she bought it from the designer and Saboor did not own it. I hope you won’t mind that I’m doing this, but if I had any knowledge—I am a people pleaser, after all—I would have told her. “However, I refrained from engaging in that discussion; all I did was wear the dress,” she explained, explaining how the incident escalated thereafter.

In a comparable vein, Iqra reflected on how Priyanka Chopra’s attire for her wedding to Nick Jonas served as a major style influence for her own bridal ensemble. At the actor’s request, Nomi Ansari—the designer responsible for Iqra’s wedding attire—created a matching red-on-red design. But to be sure, it wasn’t a knockoff; the dress had full sleeves.

“Red on red didn’t exist prior to this. It is normal practice to allude to famous costumes as inspiration, and Iqra stressed that when Priyanka wore red over red, it became a thing, and I followed suit.

The actress hinted at her first-ever working relationship with actor Hamza Sohail for a TV series while discussing her forthcoming ventures. Iqra said, “It’s going really well,” praising the show’s director, Fajar Raza. We haven’t settled on a name just yet; next year, in January or February, you may expect it. Many are counting down the days before the highly anticipated drama, Burns Road: Kay Romeo and Juliet, opens in theaters after the interview.

Although it is common for celebrities to socialize frequently in the entertainment industry, Iqra insisted that she is actually quite private, which is at odds with her on-screen character. The actress spoke up about her lack of industry friends. “It’s rare for me to be able to strike up conversations, form friendships, connect with people, or keep in touch with them off-screen.”

No one can ever be my friend. Additionally, I am guilty of it. It appears that no one desires to be my friend, and it appears that no one desires to be my friend either. Therefore, it’s a two-way street,” Iqra admitted while laughing. “No one seems friendly around me, and I don’t think they do either.”

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