Pakistanis donate Rs. 554 billion Per Year to Charities

Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

Speaking at an awareness seminar on safe charities organized by the PPC, the National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA), and the Social Welfare Department Karachi, The District Project Coordinator of the Pakistan Peace Collective (PPC), Rana Asif Habib stated that a research conducted by the NACTA had revealed that 26 percent of donors remain unaware of where their donations are spent.

The Additional Secretary of the Social Welfare Department Sindh, Abu Bakar, discussed the establishment of a charity commission to monitor and carry out charitable acts in Sindh, and the provision of an online registration facility.

He said that the Sindh charity commission will facilitate people and register charitable organizations to ensure that the donations are spent on the right causes.

The Director NACTA highlighted the efforts of the NACTA in creating an environment of safer charity practices. He added that a list of banned organizations is available on its website to provide the public with the facility of quickly checking the legality of a charitable organization.