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Pakistani males feel betrayed Because to Esra Bilgiç’s Victoria Secret ad revealing “too much skin”

Once again, the Turkish actor's Instagram post was exposed to moral policing.


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Turkish actor, Esra Bilgiç’s decision to play Halime Sultan in Diliris Ertugrul is becoming increasingly difficult. Even though Prime Minister Imran Khan helped the historical drama become very successful in Pakistan, local fans of the show have been critical of the performers for acting outside of their characters. Bilgiç, who just appeared in Victoria’s Secret ad, is at the top of this week’s list of desi trolls. Bilgiç is being mistaken for Halime by the people around him, and it’s getting a little embarrassing.

Photo: Youtube VC Ad

Bilgiç turned to Instagram to promote the lingerie company’s latest collection, Love Cloud, by showcasing her partnership with them.

Soon after she posted the advertisement, Pakistani followers swarmed to the comments section to pose as moral police, invading the forum with unwelcome suggestions and recommendations. “Shame on you! “, wrote one commenter, in reference to the Turkish actor’s outfit. You should be ashamed of your appearance after seeing Halima’s portrayal of this style of attire.

Pakistani fans of the Turkish show had a rough time of it on the comments section. It was a shock to them, and they blasted the actor, and they questioned her decision to play Halime in the show if she wanted to “promote nudity” later on.

On Instagram, Anoushey Ashraf pointed out that Pakistani guys were teasing each other. She wrote, “Why can’t men just unfollow her?”

In the past, Bilgiç has been the target of unjustified criticism.

She gave a courteous shut-up call to users who were shaming her last year after months of moral policing on her personal images, ranging from remarks about her attire to how she must carry herself with dignity and respect due to her on-screen presence.

This is my advice: Please do not follow me, thank you.”

However, it appears that her Pakistani supporters have a long way to go in understanding her.

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