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Not easy being an actor: Ayeza Khan shares set accident video

Star discussed actor struggles in the entertainment world.


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The famous Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan recently posted a behind-the-scenes photo of her work on set, highlighting the obstacles performers undergo. Ayeza revealed the unpredictability and risks of acting in an honest Instagram post. She made a brief video of a perilous scene on set where flames were all around her.

Ayeza expertly threw a giant flaming cloth over the set as the director shouted “Action!” However, the fiery act produced sparks on the floor. The barefoot actor accidentally trod on the flames, causing a reaction as she slowly tiptoed away.

Ayeza wrote on Instagram about the problems performers face during performances, including the moments that are hidden from viewers. She thanked God for protecting her amidst the film’s uncertainties.

“It’s not easy being an actor,” she said, emphasizing the intensity of the job, where actors typically live in the moment despite unanticipated obstacles. “When the director says ‘Action,’ we forget what’s next and give our best. The on-screen audience may not observe unanticipated staged events. But Allah protects us, and I can’t thank Him enough for daily protection.”

She praised Allah for protecting her and thanked her followers for their unwavering support. “And, of course, the appreciation we receive for our performance from you guys is also unparalleled,” she said. “Thank you, everyone, for unconditionally supporting and loving us actors. This motivates us to work harder and provide our best in our vocations.”

The star’s open confession illuminated performers’ lesser-known struggles and showed their unwavering dedication and tenacity in the face of unanticipated obstacles. Her statement resonated with viewers, highlighting the effort performers put into entertaining and enthralling audiences.

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