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No religion is linked to any color. The rape and death threats against Chota Pandit were called out by Uorfi Javed.

For Halloween, an influencer dressed up as a character from "Bhool Bhulaiyaa."


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Uorfi Javed has made up scary stories about her safety after supposedly getting threatening messages after copying a look from the famous Bollywood movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa.

In an Instagram post, Javed voiced her shock and worry, saying that she had been threatened with death and rape after dressing up as Chota Pandit, played by Rajpal Yadav, in the 2007 movie. Indeed, this is still one of Yadav’s most famous and admired roles.

Javed shared a picture on social media that showed her and Yadav wearing the famous clothes together. She dressed like the character from the movie by putting on a red T-shirt with long sleeves and golden pants, putting a garland around her neck, and painting her face red.

Expressing her disappointment, Javed brought up the obvious difference between how the original character didn’t cause any problems and how she got in trouble for copying it. She made it clear that the recreation was part of her Halloween outfit and was upset that people were being mean to her for no reason.

“No one had a problem with Rajpal Yadav, but when I recreated the look, everyone had a problem with me,” she stated. “So many hate mail and death threats have been sent to me for no reason.” After I wore this outfit, all of these people who say they protect the church woke up! There is no color, incense stick, or flower that is associated with any faith.

On X (which used to be Twitter), Javed also posted pictures and screenshots of the threatening texts she got. The influencer expressed her shock at the harshness of the response and frustration at receiving such derogatory and abusive comments for merely portraying a character in a movie that initially received favorable reviews. “I’m ashamed and shocked by this country.” “I’m getting death threats for playing a character from a movie, but that character didn’t get any hate,” the influencer said.

Javed had earlier shared a video on Instagram in which she wore the copied Chota Pandit look. In the comment, she explained where the character came from by saying that she was getting ready for a Halloween event that she ended up not being able to go to. She chose to share the film online because of this.

Many people are talking about how to balance praise and criticism in artistic work. This has made people realize how important it is to be tolerant and understanding on social media sites. In Javed’s case, the risks and effects that public figures and influencers may face when they do harmless things like imitating others or expressing themselves artistically in public are shown.

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