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No, Dior did not take Bella Hadid’s position because of her pro-Palestine views.

Hadid's contract with the upscale fashion brand expired in March 2022, according to a source.


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Rumors on social media have been rife that 27-year-old model Hadid and luxury fashion house Dior had broken up, supposedly because of her vocal condemnation of the Israeli government’s conduct in Gaza after October 7, 2023, and sympathy for the Palestinian people.

When Israeli model May Tager made an appearance in Dior’s most recent holiday ad campaign, speculations about Hadid’s replacement grew. It is important to remember that additional models appear in Dior’s Christmas campaign advertisements.

But a closer look at the details paints a more complex picture. Hadid’s contract with Dior ended in March 2022, as reported by the Associated Press, well before the recent escalation of the Israel-Palestine crisis, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. It’s interesting to note that Tager has already starred in holiday advertisements for Dior, including the 2022 version.

Even while serving as Dior’s 2016 cosmetics ambassador, Hadid—whose father is Palestinian—has been outspoken in her support of the Palestinian cause. Her outspoken and persistent criticism of the Israeli government suggests that Dior’s decision to stop their cooperation was not driven by her political beliefs.

The Associated Press can vouch for the fact that Hadid’s relationship with Dior has not changed as a result of her recent comments regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict after looking into these allegations. The brand seems to have made the choice to cancel their association due to contractual issues rather than political ones. There is no proof to back up the accusations that Hadid’s political stance led to the end of her collaboration with Dior.

Although Hadid’s political beliefs might not have had a direct effect on her working relationship with Dior, the allegations surrounding her purported termination bring to light the intricate nexus that exists between social media, politics, and fashion. The facts, however, indicate that Dior has not allowed her political beliefs to cause her to lose her contract. Thus, the rumors are founded on false information.

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