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Neither side seeks calm: Jemima claims that Netanyahu ’empowered’ Hamas and calls for their censure.

The writer and producer of the film have referenced statements attributed to Netanyahu about Hamas.


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Jemima Khan, an accomplished screenwriter and producer, has recently shared her thoughts on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a series of social media posts. She tweeted that she thinks Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas are both to blame for the breakdown of peace talks between Israel and Palestine.

Jemima tweeted multiple allegations about Netanyahu’s purported past backing for Hamas. She referred to an alleged comment Netanyahu made in 2019: “Those who want to thwart the possibility of a Palestinian state should support the strengthening of Hamas and the transfer of money to Hamas.” Khan also cited a 2019 speech by Israel’s former prime minister, Ehud Barak, in which Barak implied that Netanyahu’s strategy was to keep Hamas alive at all costs, including the security of southern Israel. Barak believed that by taking this tactic, it was simpler to show Israelis that their potential peace partners were unsuitable.

Khan also cited 2013 remarks made by Yuval Diskin, a former chief of Shin Bet. Diskin claims that Netanyahu, throughout his time as prime minister, helped strengthen Hamas.

Israeli airstrikes killed at least 50 Palestinians in a densely packed refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, where food, fuel, and basic necessities are running low. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, Israeli air and artillery fire has killed more than 8,500 Palestinians, including two-thirds of women and children.

On Tuesday, 11 Israeli soldiers were killed in Gaza, the largest single-day loss for the Israeli military since October 7, when Hamas fighters stormed southern Israel.

After weeks of air bombardment in retaliation for the attack, Israel sent ground troops into Gaza. According to an IDF statement, they killed Ibrahim Biari, a “pivotal” Hamas commander in the assault’s planning and execution, in an airstrike on Jabalia, Gaza’s largest refugee camp.

Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qassem denied any senior commander was in the camp and labeled the claim an Israeli pretext for killing civilians. Palestinian health officials say at least 50 Palestinians were killed and 150 wounded. In Jabalia, where families have fled since hostilities with Israel began in 1948, Hamas claimed 400 people had been killed or injured.

Jemima Khan has made it clear that she is dedicated to finding a diplomatic solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Though her comments about Netanyahu and Hamas have sparked debate, she is correct in stressing the need to go beyond the surface issues to find a way to live peacefully together.

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