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My cafes are for the benefit of many families. ‘Chaiwala’  Arshad Khan


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Young and handsome blue-eyed lad Arshad Khan, better known as Chaiwala, whose picture became popular online in 2016, was recently a guest on the Startup Pakistan Podcast.

In episode 16 of his podcast, titled “From Tea Seller to Successful Businessman,” the host spoke with the young entrepreneur as he recounted his upbringing, his viral internet fame, the media attention, and job offers he received from the entertainment industry, and his eventual settling into the status of a thriving business owner.

The 42-minute program was devoted entirely to Arshad telling the story of how he became a household name after being spotted brewing tea at a roadside stall. He also revealed to the host his feelings of bewilderment and surprise when media representatives came to him for interviews after his picture went viral online.

Arshad realized that a career in media and entertainment was not for him after dabbling in the field for a while as a model and performer. Instead, he decided to embrace his inner businessman and use his newfound celebrity to build a cafe. Arshad stated that providing employment and financial independence to the local community was the primary purpose behind founding his own café in Islamabad.

Arshad added, “One café would have been enough for me, but I launched a whole brand because I want multiple households to benefit from my cafes, not just me and my household.”

In other words, I didn’t start a business and make this much money because I cared about the money. By opening even just one cafe, I reasoned, I could provide the financial security of twenty-five to thirty people. I wanted to help in whatever way I could because there are so few employment options in Pakistan,” Arshad explained.

In June 2023, Arshad Khan’s Café Chaiwala, originally from Pakistan, opened its doors in East London, on the busy street of Ilford Lane. Café Chaiwala is a popular chain that has locations in Pakistan.

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