Mr. Vinayak Prataprao Chavan, First Secretary, Embassy of India, Washington DC, was bid farewell by NCAIA and Sikhs of America.

Mr. Chavan’s services were lauded by Jasdip Singh Jesse, Baljinder Shammi Singh, Kamaljit Singh Soni, and Pawan Bezwada.

Mr. Vinayak Prataprao Chavan, First Secretary, Embassy of India, Washington DC, was bid farewell by the National Council of Asian Indian Associations (NCAIA) and Sikhs of America before his departure for India. Mr. Vinayak Prataprao Chavan was honored with an amazing event at the Royal Taj restaurant in Columbia, Maryland. NCAIA President Baljinder Shammi Singh, NCAIA Chairman Pavan Bezwada, and Sikhs of America Chairman Jasdip Singh Jesse greeted him warmly. The ceremony was also attended by Embassy officials Mr. Anshul Sharma (Education and Community Affairs) and Mr. Rajiv Ahuja, Second Secretary (Visa Section).

“I’ll never forget the support and respect I received from the Indian community – Prataprao Chavan, Vinayak Prataprao”

Mr. Vinayak Prataprao Chavan has provided significant services to the Indian community, according to Mr. Baljinder Shammi Singh, President of NCAIA. He stated that if the community needed him for anything, he took care of it personally. According to Jasdip Singh Jesse, Chairman of the Sikhs of America, authorities like Mr. Chavan boost the country’s reputation overseas, and the Indian population living abroad is proud of such individuals. Mr. Vinayak Prataprao Chavan executed his duties very properly, according to Kamaljit Singh Soni, President Sikhs of America, and he was praised for his devotion to the Indian community. Mr. Vinayak has done outstanding community work during his mandate, according to NCAIA Chairman Pavan Bezwada, and has also gone out of his way to rectify concerns caused by the Pandemic.

Adapa Prasad, a community leader in attendance, stated that Mr. Vinayak Prataprao Chavan’s services throughout his tenure will be remembered by the Indian community for a long time to come.

In his address to the gathering, Mr. Vinayak Prataprao Chavan stated that he has had tremendous support from the Indian community during his tenure and will always remember it. He also stated that the success of his job as the ambassador of India in the United States was due to the embassy employees and the Indian community here. He asked the Indian community to be aware of this reality and to bring pride to India. “It is because of immigrants like you that the Indian community is gaining footing in a modern country like the United States, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors,” he said.

Mr. Baljinder Shammi Singh, President NCAIA; Mr. Pawan Bezwada, Chairman; Sh. Nagendar Madavaram, Anjana Bordoloi, Rama Sharma, Alpana Barua, Soma Berman, Mike Gouse Sikhs of America; Jasdip Singh Jesse, Chairman Sikhs of America; Kamaljit Soni Maninder Sethi, President Sikhs of America, Harbir Batra, Inderjit Singh Gujral, Sukhwinder Singh Johnny, Sarabjit Bakshi, Chatar Singh Saini, Sukhpal Dhanoa, Varinder Singh, and Ratan Singh, President of American International Affairs, were also present. Anjana Bordoloi, Secretary of the NCAIA, thanked all the visitors and colleagues at the end of the celebration.