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“Manoj Bajpayee Critiques Surge in Divorces, Cites Nuclear Families as Culprit”


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Renowned Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee recently delved into societal issues during a candid conversation on Sushant Sinha’s podcast. Bajpayee highlighted the concerning rise in divorce rates, addressed substance abuse rumors in Bollywood, and shared insights on his career choices.

Contrary to popular belief, Bajpayee attributed the surge in divorces not to Bollywood’s influence but to the widespread adoption of nuclear families. He expressed concern over the frequent breakdown of relationships and marriages, citing observations from Tees Hazari Court.

Acknowledging the reflective nature of Bollywood, Bajpayee emphasized that societal changes are mirrored in the industry. He admitted an uptick in divorces among actors but stressed the film industry’s openness to diverse behaviors.

Regarding substance abuse, Bajpayee dismissed claims of a pervasive issue in Bollywood, asserting that occasional incidents don’t represent the entire industry. He affirmed the sincerity and passion of the majority of industry professionals, including himself and his colleagues.

Despite his success in Bollywood, Bajpayee reflected on a missed opportunity – declining the role of Chunnilal in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas, eventually portrayed by Jackie Shroff. Undeterred, he remains focused on his craft, with upcoming projects including Bhaiyya Ji, Despatch, and The Fable.

Starting his career with minor roles, Bajpayee’s journey from humble beginnings to stardom exemplifies persistence and talent in the competitive film industry. As he continues to challenge societal norms and entertain audiences, Bajpayee’s insights shed light on pressing issues within and beyond Bollywood.

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