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Major Power Black Out Hits Across Pakistan


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All major cities including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar and more were Facing Power Black out.

According to early reports, a feeder on national grid tripped, that trigged chain reaction across the national grid.

Such major break down trips multiple feeders in the national grid, mainly to avoid any further break downs due to imbalance in supplies.

These feeders, when tripped, are restarted in a cautious and systematic manner and may take several hours.

Almost entire country is without power right now, mainly due to a major (yet to be ascertained) power line on national grid tripping that trigged the country wide electricity outage.

ower Division is still in the process of determining the fault. In a statement it said that teams are already working on fixing the issues.

Government has issued an immediate statement saying:

Whole country is facing blackout, a large coal plant has broken down When a large plant trips, the voltage and frequency drops instantly. Plants that are on system, are designed to automatically open breakers and isolate themselves to avoid damage. Now they will have to bring them back one by one it will take several hours.

It is yet not clear how long could it take, but from track record of such nation wide outages, it may take several hours.

More so due to night time and fog in several areas, the complete restoration may take more than 12 hours.

Updates 11 Jan 2021

Power stations are getting back to normal levels. Electricity for various cities is back.

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