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Mahira Khan opens up on anything from the ‘Bin Roye sequel to ‘Razia’ to her personal life with the help of the hashtag #AskMahira.

From the upcoming "Bin Roye" sequel to "Razia," Mahira Khan dishes with "#AskMahira." Her thoughts in an interesting X (formerly Twitter).


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Popular actress and TV host Mahira Khan has started a new series on X (previously Twitter) called Ask Mahira, in which she fields questions from her admirers. The gifted star began the anticipated conversation by requesting that most of the questions be about Razia, her upcoming offering.

Why haven’t you been acting in dramas? One of your fans said, “We love you and miss you.” “I’m doing a film right now,” Mahira replied. Early next year, hopefully, the drama will begin.

A fan requested that the celebrity comment about Fahad Mustafa, a well-known actor. In response, Mahira said, “Fahad Mustafa is a king.” We really do miss him. We had a fantastic time. Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad, starring Fahad and Mahira, is a high-octane, action-packed film.

A lot of people were impressed with and interested in Mahira’s upcoming product, Razia, which she hoped to promote through this series. A viewer commented that the teaser “looked so good,” adding that they would appreciate news about Neelofar. As a response, the celebrity simply remarked, “Thank you!” Where do I even begin? Sadaf to the rescue until then!” When another fan asked why she did Razia after such a long hiatus, Mahira said, “You will see. It’s a tale worth hearing. Yet you are aware. There’s a lot of optimism, avarice, passion, and gigantic proportions in this tale.

The actor from Humsafar was also asked about her character in Razia, to which she replied, “I’m only the narrator. But maybe I’m Razia. Who knows? I guarantee it! In response to a query about how best to describe Razia, Mahira simply said, “Brave.”

Another fan inquired about the plot of Razia, and the Superstar actress said, “Razia is about the life of a girl—ffrom the day she’s born till roughly her late 20s.

According to the star, “God-willing, it will come on Express TV’s YouTube!” when asked where fans in Indian-occupied Kashmir may see Razia.

Someone else on X questioned, “How is Mahira, the producer, doing?” I may be getting on in years, but please write that epic romantic love story for my kids. It will be directed by Azzu. I also picked up a pair for you. I won’t say anytime soon.” Mahira responded. Tell the pair ASAP: “One day, for sure.”

The singer concluded her Ask Mahira session with some intriguing news and left her fans with a picture of Razia.

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