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Mahira Khan honored her nani and dadi in prayer (dua and mayoun), fulfilling her mother’s one wish.

The actor posts behind-the-scenes Instagram footage.


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Mahira Khan, who just married Salim Karim in a beautiful ceremony, has delighted her followers once more by posting personal photos from the wedding’s preparations and reception on Instagram.

Mahira shared photos from her wedding’s dua ceremony and mayoun in her most recent Instagram post, giving fans a glimpse into the wedding’s emotional moments. She also included a heartfelt note that explained the significance of her family, friends, and wedding traditions.


Mahira wrote, “My mother’s one wish was to begin the wedding with a dua (prayer). My lovely grandma Ama, who uses a wheelchair, may not appear capable at first glance, but she is capable of anything and everything. She sat and coordinated the decorations, the table, and the rearranging of furniture in the basement, and she was punctually prepared. The celebrity thanked her parents publicly.

A little after that day, my childhood best friends threw a mayoun for me,” she continued. Thank God I have girlfriends I can call sisters. Mahira added that she honored her maternal and paternal grandmothers by placing a bloom of the motia flower in her earring before descending for the wedding ceremony.

Mahira wore a light-hued Umar Sayeed dua dress. The timeless white and gold dress was a wonderful fit for the star’s signature understated elegance. She wore an exquisitely draped gota-bordered dupatta with her gold-detailed, zari- and pearl-embroidered ivory chikankari blouse. She wore comfortable gold churidar pajamas as clothing. Mahira wore her hair in a loose bun with a center part and a little gold balis, her characteristic makeup look. She accessorized with khussas that matched her outfit.

Mahira stepped up her style for her mayoun the following day, choosing a mustard Zara Shahjahan to dress with dark green accents. The gold and green karahi bodice of the complex dress was understated yet striking. Mahira wore a dupatta and glass bracelets that matched, covering her head. She continued to wear the same expression as her dua. The star’s second outfit was a throwback in every way, and we approve.

Fans are eagerly awaiting further glances and updates from Mahira and Salim’s lives together as they begin their new journey as a married couple. Mahira insists on emphasizing the importance of the love and encouragement from their friends and family to the success of their relationship.

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