Lahore and Karachi in top List of the world’s most polluted cities.


The government’s recent initiatives to minimize pollution in Pakistan’s second-largest city went in vain as Lahore once again rated as the 3rd most polluted city in the world, as per the AIr Quality Index (AQI) on Monday.

Major city US AQI Followers
1 Dhaka, Bangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh 194 187.1K
2 Kolkata, India Kolkata, India 186 1.5M
3 Lahore, Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan 176 292.1K
4 Mumbai, India Mumbai, India 174 1.5M
5 Wuhan, China Wuhan, China 167 241.2K
6 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 165 86.7K
7 Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan 164 25.7K
8 Shanghai, China Shanghai, China 162 2.0M
9 Delhi, India Delhi, India 161 1.5M
10 Hangzhou, China Hangzhou, China 160 201.5K

Map From Monday 28 Feb 2022

Meanwhile, inhabitants in Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Raiwind, Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur and Multan had to experience difficulties as theri cities too remained blanketed by fog.

Lahore’s particle matter was measured at 176 today.

According to the findings, the city’s polluted air comprises both solid and liquid particles, as well as harmful gases.