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‘Jashn-e-Azadi’ is celebrated with a range of emotions by celebrities from Humayun to Ayeza.

While some Pakistanis celebrated their country's 76th anniversary of independence with optimism, others felt despondent.


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Celebrities in Pakistan’s entertainment sector have taken to social media to reflect on the country’s 76th Independence Day in the midst of a worsening political crisis that has already crippled the country’s economy.

Despite the country’s many problems, some citizens took pride in their newfound freedom. The breadth of opinions represented in these celebrities’ statements, from stirring expressions of patriotism to honest evaluations of the country’s progress, was impressive. A number of people have praised the resilience of the country, although performers like Adnan Malik have said there is “nothing to celebrate.”

Even still, Humayun Saeed hasn’t given up hope.

Humayun Saeed, a well-known actor in Pakistan, recently spoke positively about his country’s prospects. He posted a message of goodwill on Instagram, reading, “Happy Independence Day. Pray that Allah bestows fortification on our dear Pakistan and the qualities that lead to success and prosperity in our nation. Pakistan will rise again! Saeed’s statements embodied the aspirations of the average Pakistani.

The warning from Talha Anjum

Rapper Talha Anjum took a more reserved approach in his Independence Day tweet. He emphasized the significance of keeping an eye out for internal issues that might impede the country’s development by invoking a feeling that many people have. Pakistan Zindabad,” his tweet read. May Allah safeguard America from the enemies who already live here, pretending to be our leaders and protectors. [who shall remain nameless]”

Reema urges national honor

The actor Reema Khan and her husband shared a touching video message with the country on Instagram. The couple, both of whom are Pakistanis living in the United States as immigrants, spoke about how enthusiastically they commemorate August 14th. They encouraged their fellow citizens to see themselves as representatives of Pakistan and to do so through their words, deportment, and deeds. Many Pakistanis living outside of Pakistan feel strongly connected to their home country, and Khan’s statement reflected that attitude.

Ayeza Khan continues to celebrate

Actress Ayeza Khan posted photos from an Independence Day celebration where she and her friends wore bright green clothes in honor of the national flag. The post perfectly captured the jubilant mood that is customarily associated with national holidays.

Adnan Siddiqui looks back at his life

Adnan Siddiqui, an actor, reflected on Pakistan’s history since its creation via the medium of social media. He posted a touching video on Instagram in which he recited the national anthem and included images from the country’s various regions and its various founders. Siddiqui urged solidarity and steadfastness in the face of adversity in the caption that accompanied the image. His words summed up the feeling that, even in the midst of joy, we must remember our country’s past and keep working for its brighter future.

Adnan Malik evaluates the current situation

Actor Adnan Malik used Instagram Stories to provide a more nuanced viewpoint. He questioned the point of celebrating freedom when the country was still facing so many difficulties. Disparities in wealth, corruption, restrictions on speech, and other problems were among those Malik brought to light. He advocated taking stock of the nation’s direction and shifting focus to fixing its problems. His statements conveyed sincere interest in Pakistan’s development.

The normal fervor with which Independence Day is celebrated seems to have been lost, despite the fact that celebrities are still posting online in an attempt to celebrate or educate. Most of us are reevaluating what it means to be patriotic on this, most significant day in Pakistani history, and most of us are choosing to remain silent.

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