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Iffat Omar thinks Uorfi Javed chooses what she wears on her own accord.

Iffat omar Pakistani actor recently commented on the controversial fashion choices of an Indian social media sensation.


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Iffat Omar discussed Uorfi Javed’s style during her recent visit as a guest on Mohsin Abbas Haider’s talk show, Public Demand. The former fashion model turned actor was questioned. About the quirky and provocative wardrobe choices of Indian television and social media star Uorfi Javed.

Iffat, who is well-known for her strong but generally progressive ideas. Was quick to defend Uorfi’s right to wear whatever she pleases, despite the fact that she does not share Uorfi’s taste in clothing.

The host asked Iffat the question in a mocking, almost contemptuous tone, calling Uorfi a “species” from the other side of the wall. Iffat, however, did not bite and join in on the mockery of his entertainment business contemporaries. In response to the question, “What do you think of Uorfi Javed’s style?”. When asked, “Does it even qualify as fashion?” Iffat said, “Woh meray type ka fashion nahi hai tou main tou nahi karoon gi. To be honest, I would never dress in such a way because that is not my style. Nonetheless, I see no reason to be critical of her.

Mohsin probed further, asking, “Fashion’s a fancy name for what?” Where can I get the parameters for Matlab’s fashions? What are the rules of engagement, if any? (Can one ever go too far in the name of style? Do rules exist for the fashion industry? Do styles have rules, or do they not?

Iffat responded sagely and diplomatically, “Dos and don’ts kuch tou hotay hain lekin who main yah aap tou nahi decision karain gay. To paraphrase Coco Chanel, “(There are some dos and don’ts in fashion. But neither you nor I have the ability to decide what those are).

She went on to say that no one has the right to dictate another person’s fashion choices or personal style. Everyone has their own unique fashion sense and their own likes, dislikes, and preferences when it comes to fashion.

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