Human Rights Complaint Cell Launched at the Ministry of Human Rights Pakistan.

Shireen Mazari has stated that she will personally supervise the cell's progress report.


The Ministry of Human Rights established the cell to receive, sift, separate, and convey complaints at both the federal and provincial levels. The ministry will handle the process of registering complaints at the regional level through its Directorate of Human Rights in province capitals.

With the use of this cell, the ministry will be able to direct complaints to the appropriate department/agency at any level once they have been registered and will get frequent feedback to ensure that they are promptly addressed. The cell’s specialized crew will keep accurate records of any complaints received. Apart from that, human rights abuses have been classified in order to facilitate appropriate examination and collaboration across ministries.

The Human Rights Director-General lectured the attendees about the cell and how it was formed following many rounds of consultation at both the provincial and federal levels. It will be run on a well-thought-out system that will provide an automated database for complaint registration and tracking.

He stated that every application/complaint would be issued a unique code that may be accessed through any channel, including written applications received through the mail, email, or recorded on allocated phone lines. Following registration, the government would continue to monitor and respond to any concerns.