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Huda Kattan, Selena Gomez, and Rupi Kaur criticize the “Biden administration” and give.


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The Instagram page for Selena Gomez’s makeup brand released a post that clarified what they describe as a “humanitarian crisis in Gaza,” following a barrage of criticism for saying that a single post wouldn’t change anything. Rare Beauty announced their intention to assist on their official Instagram account.

The statement read, “We are heartbroken by the images and reports coming from the Middle East.” Israeli airstrikes have resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians, the displacement of millions of people, and the denial of basic essentials for survival such as food, water, and medicine. These casualties include a sizable number of youngsters. Palestinian citizens need to be safeguarded, end of story.”

It said, “We are still deeply saddened by the horrific terror act that occurred in Israel on October 7th, which targeted innocent citizens, many of whom were children. Attacks on civilians are never justified in any circumstance. We vehemently condemn Islamophobia and anti-Semitism in all their manifestations. We implore everyone to support the humanitarian groups that dedicate their lives to helping people in need. A small amount of assistance can go a long way.”

The statement continued, “Magen David Adom and the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, two international Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies that are delivering emergency medical care on the ground, will receive donations from Rare Beauty. In order to provide the children of Gaza with resources and immediate medical assistance, we will also be making donations to UNICEF. Our company’s core values are based on inclusivity. Many of the people who work for our diverse organization come from backgrounds that include color, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, and religion. Many of these people havebeen negativelyn affected by the recent violence.”

The statement from the brand went on, “We also understand that many individuals in our community come from many backgrounds and are impacted by the recent violence, so we kindly ask that everyone show love and compassion to one another during this difficult time. As a company that works to lessen the stigma around mental health, we are aware that everyone’s mental health is suffering in these especially challenging times around the world. Please get in touch if you need assistance. Please text or call 988 if you are in the United States and need crisis support relating to suicide or mental health issues, or if you are concerned about someone else. An area crisis center for mental health will get your call. For a global list of hotlines, crisis lines, and helplines that can assist you if you’re abroad, please visit findahelpline.com.”

Nevertheless, a user on X noted that Gomez was still “both siding” with the situation, particularly considering that the National Emergency Pre-Hospital Medical and Blood Services Organization in Israel is called Magen David Adom. The former Twitter user claimed, “She’s donating to Magen David Adom,, whossupportst the IDF and the killing of Palestinian kids.” “This post presents both views. Why are you funding MDA, which is the IDF’s actual sponsor? Being pro-both is not the same as activism.”

However, Huda Kattan, the host of Huda Beauty, posted a text post on her and her brand’s Facebook page saying, “It’s been a month of immense suffering in Gaza, and unfortunately, things are getting worse.” It’s critical that we always support the downtrodden and utilize our platforms to call attention to injustices. We cannot remain silent and act as though nothing is going on. $1 million will be donated to Gazan humanitarian groups by our Huda Beauty businesses, which include Huda Beauty, Kayali, and WISHFUL. We sincerely appreciate your support, as it is only thanks to you that we are able to make this payment. We can effect change if we work together.

“A month has passed,, and we’re still seeing tremendous suffering in Gaza,” the statement said in the caption. We’re determined to assist however we can. It has been extremely difficult to find means for aid to enter Gaza due to the present blockade and humanitarian issues, but we are determined to find a way to help people there. We will discuss the groups we are working with and our partnerships with that are delivering support locally.”

Prolific poet Rupi Kaur also wrote a long letter supporting Palestine and denouncing complicit governments. She posted on X, saying, “A few days ago, I received an invitation from the Biden administration for the Vice President’s Diwali ceremony, which is scheduled for November 8, 2023. Given that this administration supports the ongoing crimes against Palestinians, which go directly against the meaning of Diwali for many of us, I’m shocked that they think it appropriate to celebrate the occasion. People of South Asian descent celebrate Diwali all around the world. Diwali is a celebration of knowledge triumphing over ignorance and virtue over untruth in the Hindu and Jain religions.”

“In the Sikh tradition, our sixth guru, Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, helped free 52 fellow political prisoners from unjust imprisonment during the Diwali season,” she went on. This day is known as Bandi Chhor Divas. This day has always been a time for me to consider what it means to struggle for freedom against injustice. Even after numerous refugee camps, hospitals, and houses of worship have been destroyed, the US government still finances the bombardment of Gaza and defends this act of genocide against the Palestinian people.”

Kaur went on, “They reject the request for a humanitarian truce, which is a basic measure that the United Nations, most governments, and groups like Doctors Without Borders are demanding. There have been more than 10,000 Palestinian deaths. 70% of the fatalities, according to the UN, are women and children. White phosphorus bombs, which Israel has used, should be looked into as a potential war crime, according to Amnesty International. CNN has shown evidence of Israeli settlers evicting Palestinian residents from their homes in the West Bank and taking their place.”

Additionally, she pleaded with her “South Asian community to hold this administration accountable.” “As a Sikh woman, I will not permit my image to be used to justify the policies of this administration,” she declared. I decline any invitation from a group that advocates for the collective punishment of a civilian population that is trapped, half of whom are minors.”

“As a community, we cannot remain silent or agreeable just to get a seat at the table,” she continued. The cost of human life is too great. In private, a number of my peers have confided in me that while they think the situation in Gaza is terrible, they are not willing to jeopardize their jobs or “a chance at creating change from the inside.” Nothing spectacular will transpire just because you are inside. We have to have courage. We can’t let their pictures turn us into tokens. The privileges we forfeit by speaking up pale in comparison to the daily losses suffered by Palestinians as a result of this administration’s rejection of a ceasefire. It is our moral duty to demand justice whenever a government dehumanizes people, no matter where they live. Don’t be scared. Join the global community in calling for a humanitarian ceasefire. When you speak, many voices will join you. Join us in signing petitions. Go to demonstrations. Turn away. Speak with our representatives by phone and demand that the genocide end.

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