How can you take part in the ‘Bacha Log Game Show’ hosted by Ahmad Ali Butt?


“Bacha Log Game Show,” presented by Rio, is a new game show from BOL Entertainment. Ahmad Ali Butt, a well-known Pakistani actor, will host Pakistan’s first and largest children’s game program. What started as a simple notion to bring children amusement and a sense of accomplishment has evolved into the most colorful and dynamic TV program to date, showcasing entertainment for kids, by kids.

When it comes to releasing new TV series, Pakistan’s #1 entertainment channel, ‘BOL Entertainment,’ is a trailblazer. “Bacha Log Game Show” is a one-of-a-kind TV show that will provide children with a wealth of amusing stuff.

Due to its innovative programs, BOL Entertainment is one of the audience’s favorites. BOL Entertainment has announced the inclusion of a “game show” for youngsters, following the popularity of “Khush Raho Pakistan,” “Game Show Aise Chale Ga,” and “BOL House.”

Keeping the tradition of providing innovative material for all age groups, particularly children, BOL Entertainment has once again won over by presenting one of the most popular children’s game shows.

Who will be allowed to compete in the “Bacha Log Game Show,” and who will be denied? Which games will be played and for what rewards will they be awarded? All you have to do now is wait a few days for the responses to these questions.