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Hadiqa Kiani’s new album, Jani Door Gaye, is a tribute to the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali K

The singer's latest album is excellent.


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Hadiqa Kiani’s newest release, Jani Door Gaye, is an in-depth musical examination of the Hindustani traditional Raga Bilawal lineage. This raga is typically played in the mornings throughout the warmer months, and it has long been associated with dedication and enlightenment. Kiani’s interpretation, on the other hand, departs from the transcendental link that has traditionally distinguished this raga.

The Boohey Barian vocalist in Jani Door Gaye adapts the mystical Raga Bilawal into a more intimate story. Kiani’s interpretation is a complementary soundtrack to a visually gorgeous, albeit somewhat clichéd, video, in contrast to the renowned Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, who elevated the musical arts to depict the profound Sufi tariqa.

But taken on its own, the song tells a powerful story of love lost, a loss that could last forever. It makes one feel sad, which in turn comforts the greater idea of merging with the divine. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that the song’s setting barely scratches the surface of unification theory.

The song’s creation by Kiani is a tribute to traditional Qawwali values. The song’s seamless blending of psychedelic hand claps, tabla beats, and drab atmospheric harmonium drones brings together traditional and modern sensibilities. This combination of traditional elements with a contemporary twist creates a distinctive backdrop for Kiani’s passionate vocals, which beautifully portray the heartbreaking concept of separation.

Hania Amir and Wahaj Ali star in the music video, and their interaction complements the tone of the song beautifully. Clichéd symbolism throughout the video, from the sadness of a wedding day to Kiani’s pigeon gesture. These graphics are effective, yet they often take a fairly standard approach to conveying the song’s message.

The use of henna, which represents the universe’s duality in a way reminiscent of the yin and yang notion, is one of the music video’s most powerful and sophisticated visual aspects. This additional, subtle layer of images improves the video’s visual storytelling and bolsters the song’s overarching storyline.

Kiani’s musical talent is on full display in Jani Door Gaye, where she expertly combines the spiritual essence of Raga Bilawal with her own unique style. This song is a compelling examination of love and separation set to a traditional-meets-modern musical composition, even if it doesn’t quite reach the spiritual heights of NFAK’s Sufi music.

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