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Feroze Khan Talks About The Change In His Personality


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Feroze Khan is one of the most handsome and talented actor of Pakistani media industry. He has given a lot of hit dramas to our industry. In a short time he achieved a lot of fame.

Feroze Khan got married to Alizay Fatima, in 2018.

HSY questioned Feroze Khan how he changed himself, and how he stood up for the rights and protection of women.


Replying to this question Feroze said that when he stepped into this industry many people advised him to keep calm and quiet and not to say anything regarding any issue because he is a star.

The day when Feroze became a father of a baby boy, it was the day when Feroze changed. He thought that in which kind of society his son is going to grow up, what kind of things he is going to face, Will I be comfortable after sending his son out of the house.

Feroze was highly praised for this step. As some of the celebrities hesitate on saying something about these kind of issues.

Feroze believes in Good Will, just think of something good and it will definitely happen.

He further said that he has seen people being bullied and threatened very closely. Once Feroze himself was used by someone, a person using feroze’s number was contacting his friends being Feroze.

Feroze made a portal for helping women for their rights and justice. He himself will look after each and every complaint he will get on the portal.

Feroze wants people to live freely in their country. In the end Feroze thanked all the people supporting him and hoped for some change in future.

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