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Emraan Hashmi is a Quran aficionado; the two of us used to recite passages from the holy book together, Humaima Malick.

Emraan Hashmi is a fantastic friend and a practising Muslim, the actress Humaima Malick says of the Bollywood star.


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Bollywood actress Emraan Hashmi’s co-star in the 2014 film Raja Natwarlal, Humaima Malick, revealed that she still faces criticism and trolling for her role in the film. Hashmi, who starred in the film The Legend of Maula Jatt, claimed that Pakistanis have already cleansed him of his crimes due to the widespread use of curse words and ridicule directed at his name.

The Bol actor gushed over Hashmi, saying, “He’s a fantastic man. She went on to describe him as “a fantastic actor, a fabulous person, and a great friend.”

But now, I believe that Pakistanis have forgiven Emraan Hashmi for his past mistakes. She laughed and said, “You’ve criticized him so much, there are no sins left.” “There are always people saying, ‘Now do you not remember Emraan Hashmi?’ whenever I publish anything, even if it’s about Umrah. Also, if I appear to be munching in a photo, the caption will read, “Hm, did Emraan Hashmi eat food already?” She urged him to “get out of this frame of mind” and “stop commenting on such rubbish.”

She also disclosed that the two of them have something in common spiritually. He can recite the entire Quran by heart. We used to gather together and recite Ayahs. He is a devout Muslim, of course. I highly respect him as a person. A man who values his job and his coworkers is a man who values respect. She summed up, “He harbors no ill will towards anyone; his heart is pure of malice and ugliness.”

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