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Azaan discusses his troubled past with his father and his struggles with food addiction.

Azaan remembers that his father and he shared a mutual interest in only one thing: music.


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Azaan Sami Khan, a great musician, recently discussed his struggles with anorexia and bulimia and his subsequent path of self-discovery that helped him reclaim control of his life and his relationship with food. When Azaan was interviewed on the How Does It Work? podcast, he was able to be open and honest about his struggles and the path to recovery that got him to that point.

Azaan detailed the challenges he faced in his fight against his eating disorder during the podcast. He talked openly about his battle with anorexia and how he tried to avoid the scale. I used to periodically visit retail establishments to see if they sold pants; however, I eventually stopped doing this. Nothing worked until it was shalwars or tailored to my exact measurements,” he said.

In addition, the composer emphasized the gravity of eating disorders by drawing parallels to other addictions. He stressed the need to take food addiction seriously as a major social problem. “Eating disorders are as much an addiction as alcohol, drugs, or any form of addiction; food addiction is as much as any of those are,” he told me.

Azaan reflected on his road to rehabilitation and spoke about his dogged resolve to reach his objectives. He emphasized his self-discipline and dedication, saying that he goes all in when he sets his mind to something. He said that he is proud of himself for having such commitment and confidence. He said it is ingrained in his personality and has helped him triumph over many obstacles.

“Maybe kids who have gone through what I have gone through feel it as well,” Azaan added. But if I put my mind to it, I know I can be the best at whatever I want to accomplish. When I make a promise, I follow through on it. I’m proud of myself for being able to stick to my word when I make a promise, like when I declare I’ll get in shape or stop eating certain foods.

Furthermore, Azaan admitted that his experiences molded his self-discipline and assurance. He said that these traits were invaluable to him since they allowed him to keep going even when things became rough. Even if others cast doubt on his ability, he never wavered in his conviction that he could accomplish his ambitions.

“That’s something God has given me through these experiences,” he said. “The self-control or confidence in myself… I tell people to “think it over” before they “think before speaking” if they tell me something like “Azaan, you cannot do this.” Perhaps I was just born with this quirk in my brain.

The actor also revealed that he had a “very turbulent relationship” with his famous musician and singer father, Adnan Sami Khan. I didn’t see him again until I was 14 years old. Then, when I was 14 and living in Bombay, we were together for a full year and a half. After that, 13 years passed before we crossed paths again. I last saw him around a month ago. When I was 15–29, I never saw him again. Without even meeting him, music was the one common ground we shared. So, when I played music, it was like having a father figure.

Azaan’s candid disclosures about his eating disorder and subsequent path to recovery highlight the significance of talking about mental health issues, such as those pertaining to food and body image. The value of self-belief, discipline, and resilience is emphasized, and his experience might serve as an example to anyone struggling with similar issues.

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