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Police in Pakistan has arrested Shahnawaz Amir, the son of senior journalist Ayaz Amir, for killing his wife with a dumbbell.

Senior journalist Ayaz Amir's wife, brother, and sister-in-law all have warrants out for their arrests.


The murder of Sara, the daughter-in-law of veteran journalist Ayaz Amir, was reported to the police in Islamabad, specifically the Shahzad Town station. Shahnawaz Amir, the accused, will be brought before the court today (Saturday). 
On Friday night, Shahnawaz, the husband of Ayaz Amir’s daughter-in-law, murdered her in the Chak Shahzad neighborhood of Islamabad.

In the FIR, it was stated that after a fight between Shahnawaz and his wife, he killed her by striking her over the head with a dumbbell.

As soon as suspect Shahnawaz saw police officers enter his home, he reportedly locked himself in a room. 

Blood was found on his shirt and hands when the locks were broken to take him into custody. At a later time, Shah Nawaz admitted to having committed the act. His wife’s body was in the tub, and he showed the police. Injuries to her head were noted, the FIR said.

Sara and Shahnawaz had reportedly been married for only three months. According to their sources, they met on the Internet, and Sara, who worked in Dubai, had just recently arrived in Pakistan and bought a car. During their stay with Shah Nawaz’s mother at a farmhouse, reports indicate that the couple argued late at night. According to the rumors, Shahnawaz struck Sara with an iron object, causing her to faint. Then, he allegedly transferred her to a bathtub and turned on the water.

According to the sources, Shah Nawaz’s mother witnessed the entire incident and called the police; a forensic survey of the crime scene has been completed, and the murder weapon and other evidence have been sent for analysis.

When confronted by the media, Ayaz Amir broke down in tears. His words were, “I would wish this upon no one.” When he heard the news, he found himself at a loss for words and said, “What can I say?” He finally admitted, “It is something that shakes you to the bones.” Amir said that he was aware of what happened but wouldn’t talk about it because it involved “legal matters.” 

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