Ashish Chanchlani’s ‘The Mummy Returns’ in Top Trending Video Hits 14M Views

The video Hits 14M Views in less than a single day.

On Mother’s Day, Ashish Chanchlani surprised his fans with his new video ‘ The Mummy Returns’. Within hours of uploading.

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The video broke the internet with 14M views and 2.2M likes. A sequel of ‘The Mummy’ uploaded in July 2019, The Mummy Returns’ shows a more savage version of a mother in a hilarious way.

The video which was trending #1 also gives out a beautiful message in the end that mothers are god’s best creation.

In the video, Ashish Chanchlani is seen playing the role of a mother, a father & a son. Ashish has highlighted how mothers keep complaining about children for not keeping their rooms clean but yet showering love at the same time.


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Maid being one of the important factors of the house, a mother is seen interviewing a maid where they chat and finalise maid’s salary midway after an entertaining discussion.

It’s chucklesome when Mom is inspired by a crime reality show and is imagining herself in the situation to be more precautious and pointing each one out.

The hilarious conversation between Mother and her son will keep you laughing throughout. Commenting on the video, Ashish Chanchlani said,

"The whole video is shot at home considering the lockdown.

I always love the fun conversation between the family members, and sometimes we don’t even realise that we cracked a joke and start laughing. I have just made an attempt to portray a part of it and the importance of mothers in our lives, I would love to thank all the Super Mom’s out there.”